Tuesday, July 11

Radiohead 10-6-2003 @ HiFi Buys Amphitheatre (Part II)

Note: This is part 2 of 2. The first half of the show is available here.

As promised yesterday, here is the second half of Radiohead's October 2003 appearance at Atlanta's HiFi Buys Amphitheatre. The sound and source appear to be identical to the tracks posted Monday. If you enjoyed those, you should enjoy this.

Once again, this half is equivalent to the second CD if you plan to burn this to disc. Many thanks for the kind comments and marriage proposals in response to yesterday's post. Keep 'em coming. I like to know what you guys think of this stuff.

October 6, 2003
HiFi Buys Amphitheatre
Atlanta, GA

*Part 2 of 2*

01. Go To Sleep
02. I Might Be Wrong
03. Idioteque
04. You And Whose Army?
05. Sit Down, Stand Up
06. applause
- encore -
07. No Surprises
08. National Anthem
09. Wolf At The Door
10. Fake Plastic Trees
11. applause
- encore 2 -
12. Airbag
13. Everything In Its Right Place

Note that the track numbers on the files themselves are such that they should be placed in the same directory as the show's first half (i.e., track 1 above, "Go To Sleep," is numbered as track 14 and intended to follow track 13, "Scatterbrain," from yesterday's post).

If you prefer, you can also download the entire second half of the show in a .zip package via either Rapidshare (beware the annoying popup) or YouSendIt (link good for a week).

Also, remember that Thom Yorke's The Eraser is available in stores today. If you're in Atlanta, I recommend picking it up at Criminal Records (L5P), Decatur CD (downtown Decatur), Ella Guru (Toco Hills), or Wuxtry (north Decatur). We have too many good indie stores to be feeding our dollars to Best Buy, Tower, Target, etc. in this town.


Atlanta folks, note that Butch Walker is playing a free in-store at Criminal Records today, Tuesday, at 6pm to celebrate the release of his new album.

Wu-Tang Clan are going on tour in August. No Georgia date, but they'll be in North Carolina and Florida. Who plays Florida but not ATL? Then again, they do have 3 days open between Winston-Salem and St. Petersburg. Hmm...

Pitchfork Media has begun an Infinite Mixtape series. It looks like they're basically linking to the same mp3's that your favorite blogs do, only without commentary, context, or explanation. Awesome!

Speaking of Pitchfork, I have a couple extra weekend passes to the Pitchfork Festival in Chicago at the end of the month. I understand these are sold out. If anybody wants them for face value ($30) plus postage, drop me a line.


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Listen to an interview with Thom Yorke on Wed. on NPR at 3 PM...

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