Tuesday, October 31

Cohen Comes Alive!

Fans of The OC will know that the season premiere airs this Thursday at 9/8c. It's been available online to watch for a week too, but I'll refrain from spoilers anyway. I'll just say it's dark, and looks like they're going in a different direction.

If you just can't get enough of Sandy Cohen's golden pipes, here's Peter Gallagher (the actor who portrays Sandy) singing "Still I Long for Your Kiss" on The Today Show last summer. It ain't exactly Pitchfork material, but you'll still be mesmerized by his legendary eyebrows:

In further entertainment news...

Bob Barker is retiring from The Price is Right. Weekdays home sick will never be the same again.

Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. We're rooting for you, Phil.

Jagshemash! The first four minutes of the Borat movie are on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. The movie opens Friday, November 3.

For the locals, the Decatur Wine Tasting Festival is this Saturday from 1-4pm. Tix are $30 and are available online.


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