Saturday, October 28

Stupid World Series

It may be hard out there for a pimp, but it's even harder for Cubs fans. Still no championship since 1908, and not even a World Series appearance since 1945. This year's team, frankly, sucked. Sigh.

To review recent history:

2003 - Cubs collapse vs. Marlins in NLCS; Cubs blow The Bartman Game; Marlins win World Series
2004 - Red Sox win World Series; first since 1918
2005 - Cross-town rival White Sox win World Series; first since 1917
2006 - Division rival Cardinals win World Series after winning only 83 of 162 regular season games, the fewest ever for a modern World Series champ

It's as if some higher power is taunting us. If it's William Sianis and his Billy Goat wreaking all this havoc from the afterlife, you can let up now. We get it.


Anonymous James said...

Hey... At least some folks are happy today. Best birthday present ever! I thought after all those years in Sikeston & Cape you'd be converted by now. Gotta give you Cub fans credit though... you'll never say uncle.

5:34 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Birthday? Oh! Happy bday!

Me, converted? Please. You don't root for your arch-rival just because you live 150 miles from their ballpark for a while. At least I give the Blues some love, but that's probably because I wasn't really aware of hockey until after I moved to Missouri.

5:57 PM

Anonymous james said...

stupid cardinals, stupid white sox, stupid red sox.


maybe next year. maybe next year. maybe next year.

6:04 PM


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