Friday, November 3

Nerds kicked off Emory campus

First they were kicked out of the freshman dorm at Adams College (in 1984), and now they've been kicked off the Emory University campus. It seems that the remake of the cult classic Revenge of the Nerds has been put on indefinite hiatus by Fox Atomic. The reason? The powers-that-be at Emory backed out of a prior agreement to allow filming on campus in October because they were reportedly uncomfortable with the content of the film.

What, had no member of the Emory administration ever seen the Tri-Lambda misfits take on those meathead Alpha Betas? I would have gladly let them watch my copy of the original if they would have asked. Apparently the film was halted after only a week of filming and is currently looking for a new campus.

Personally, I have mixed feelings about the remake. At least they're creating new characters instead of recasting Louis, Gilbert, Booger, Wormser, Poindexter, Ogre, etc. Really, why mess with such triumphant mediocrity? Here's the trailer to the original movie, brought to you by the magic of YouTube:


Blogger wharman said...

I didn't even know they were filming a remake at Emory to begin with! If they were ok with Tom Green's Road Trip, I can't imagine the trouble - possibly the new Nerds includes discouraging dialogue about Coca Cola?

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