Sunday, December 17

Princeton - "Where's My Christmas Morning?"

Princeton released my #6 album of 2006, and now they've unleashed a sweet little Xmas tune. You may have heard it on, where it's been getting some play. "Where's My Christmas Morning?" finds the brothers Kivel yearning for Christmas goodies and sweets rather than lighting Chanukah candles. They consider conversion before realizing that candy canes and Black Friday don't have much to do with the reason for the holiday anyway. Hey, gifts for everybody!

Princeton - Where's My Christmas Morning?

Learn more on their official site or their Myspace. Their album can be purchased here for a mere $6 plus postage.

Bonus mp3:
Princeton - Girls Just Want to Have Fun [Cyndi Lauper cover]
A Plus D - Give Da Jew Girl Toys (Sarah Silverman/Trio mash-up; dirty version)
Sarah Silverman - "Give the Jew Girl Toys" video via YouTube


MSNBC features Atlanta's own Snowden.

So the "new" Arcade Fire track has people all frothing at the mouth. Is it just me, or does it sound like a Bruce Springsteen song?


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