Friday, December 15

Live Shiznit: Binge & Splurge

I don't have time to write much at the moment, so I'll serve as curator for the day. Here are several full shows that are were no longer available here due to my filehost issues a while back. If you missed 'em the first time, now's your chance.

They're all packaged in .zip files at sendspace, so I believe you'll only be able to download one at a time. If they do anything funky, please let me know. The Cold War Kids shows I taped myself (from the audience), and the rest are from various online sources (and are soundboards or FM quality). I think they're all worth your time. Have at 'em...

Band of Horses
April 13, 2006
KEXP, Seattle, WA
* Download

Cold War Kids
June 9, 2006
Drunken Unicorn, Atlanta, GA
* Download

Cold War Kids
July 20, 2006
The EARL, Atlanta, GA
* Download

Kite Flying Society
July 7, 2006
AmplifySD, San Diego, CA
* Download

James Mercer (of The Shins)
February 20, 2003
Herrgarn, Linkoping, Sweden
* Download

Grace Potter & the Nocturnals
June 2, 2006
World Cafe, Philadelphia, PA
* Download

And don't forget that the C&T Atlanta music mix tapes are still available.

Hope you find something you like!


Blogger Ryan said...

Sweet! I was at both of those Cold War Kids shows and it's cool to have recordings from both now. Thanks.

7:11 AM


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