Wednesday, December 13

Jeff Tweedy coming to Tabernacle, Jan. 29

Now, this is a show I'm excited about. Although I've seen Wilco several times, I've never seen a Jeff Tweedy solo show. Now I have my chance. Mr. Tweedy will be performing at the Tabernacle in Atlanta on January 29, all by his lonesome. Pre-sale tickets are available now via Wilco's website, and go on sale Friday (12/15) via Ticketbastard. I just bought mine. Woo!

To celebrate, here are a couple of songs that Tweedy has been playing out lately:

Jeff Tweedy - Is That the Thanks I Get? [live]
Jeff Tweedy - Patient With Me [live]

The full list of tour dates is available at Wilco's official site.

Oh, and ATL locals... Wilco is still selling limited edition serigraphs from the September 2004 show at the Fox Theater. You can buy it here. I have one hanging in my kitchen. It was designed by the fine folks at Heads of State, who make some of my favorite gig posters.


Blogger Kim said...

thanks for the tip on the poster, just got one for my boyfriend for Christmas!

10:31 AM

Blogger tolar said...

oh hell yeah! thanks rich

12:13 PM

Blogger AmyMeacham said...

mmmmmm...Jeff Tweedy...mmmmm...

1:53 AM


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