Sunday, January 14


One of my favorite rising artists in the vibrant Athens music scene is Madeline Adams, professionally known simply as Madeline. I have posted a track of hers here before, but I felt it was time for a closer look. Why, you ask? Well, her 2006 vinyl-only release on Valiant Death, The Slow Bang, has just been released on CD by Orange Twin.

Madeline plays an emotive and charming brand of folk. She has won a legion of fans across the country thanks to rampant touring and a distinct, irresistible style. Satisfying comparisons are escaping me at the moment, but her voice and songs are sweet, endearing, and often playful. Madeline's songs often have a narrative quality, telling some tale of growth or love that captures the listener's ear. The Slow Bang expands upon the sound of her earlier releases by incorporating more instrumentation and the vocal harmonies of Phosphorescent's Matthew Houck who also produced the record. Here are sample tracks from her releases to date:

From The Slow Bang (2006/2007):
Madeline - The Demise of Madame Butterfly
Madeline - To Hell and Back [with Matthew Houck]

From Kissing and Dancing (2002):
Madeline - I Left the Light On
Madeline - Seeing Double
Madeline - Sailing Away

From Madeline/Dead Bird split EP (2003):
Madeline - Against the World and Losing the Battle (Faith)

The Slow Bang is now available to buy from Orange Twin. Madeline's prior releases are available for very affordable prices from No Idea Records.

Madeline has also just started a MySpace page and is lining up tour dates up and down the east coast for winter/spring. You can bet I'll drop an update once they're set. I imagine those dates will also show up on her Crayola-based official site or personal MySpace page.


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