Wednesday, June 27

Nana Grizol - "TambourinenThyme"

One Athens band that I haven't yet had the pleasure of seeing is Nana Grizol. As best I can tell the band is fronted by Theo Hilton, who collaborates with many other musicians from that city. Those contributing include Madeline Adams and Laura Carter, who get plenty of C&T love, along with a number of others on various instruments.

Nana Grizol's engaging lyrics and simple song structures recall artists like Kimya Dawson or Phosphorescent. Notably, of the three songs I have only one tops two minutes in length. Short and sweet, as they say.

Nana Grizol - TambourinenThyme

Judging from their Myspace, it looks like they're currently putting together a tour that takes them up and down the east coast. No evidence of merchandise for sale yet, but their fun and upbeat "Circles 'Round the Moon" does appear on the Athfest 2007 compilation.


Anonymous Monkey Bastard said...

Very nice! Never of them, but it sounds good. And I think I may have a crush on the Liv Tyler lookalike bassplayer.

3:35 PM

Blogger Rich said...

That bass player would me Madeline. She's a sweet gal too, or has been the few times I've spoken to her. Oddly, I met her mom at the 40 Watt show last weekend. Heh.

3:50 PM

Anonymous perv said...


12:40 AM

Anonymous notsayin said...

The Griz are the best indierock band in Athens right now. Theo is a goddamn Rock Star.

7:22 PM


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