Monday, June 25

Lee Bob Watson

I've already sung the praises of a couple artists who appear on the Grass Roots Recording Co. Family Album, but I have to give some notice to Lee Bob Watson. His "Let the Hate In (I Won't)" is one of my favorite tracks on that release, and probably the one that gets played most often. It's led me to explore his older releases a bit, which has yielded some nice finds.

Lee Bob's music is just the sort of stuff I imagine coming from a quiet California town, with understated songs about escape, love, and longing. I imagine he'll be appealing to fans of folk-pop and introspective singer-songwriters alike. His lyrics are clever too -- including perhaps the first song ever about wanting to run away with your sweety in an aluminum trailer. That's gotta make the ladies swoon.

Lee Bob - Airstream
Lee Bob - To Juliette (from Punk Sinatra)
Lee Bob - I Miss You (Because You're Human)

The Grass Roots Recording Co. Family Album is available from the label, and Lee Bob's material is availabe through his website.

He has a new album, Aficianado, due in August. Lee Bob is also, of course, on Le Myspace where you can hear the aforementioned "Let the Hate In (I Won't)."


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