Wednesday, June 27

The Positions - "Summer Nights"

No, it's not the song from Grease. Yes, it is a bouncy pop song about the joys of summer. Pretty appropriate for a beautiful day on which my Cubs won their sixth straight game. Yay!

The Positions are a brass-loving, sweet-sounding indie pop band from D.C. fronted by vocalist Nicole Stoops. Their most recent release is 2005's Bliss, on which this track appears. They're pretty much the sort of band you'd swear was from Sweden if you didn't know better. They must at least hang out near the Swedish embassy. That might explain it.

The Positions - Summer Nights

For more info see their Myspace or official site.

Bonus mp3: The Positions - Back to Me


Blogger aa said...

you do realize that when i move to chicago i'm gonna have to be a white sox fan. i hope we can still be friends, but if not, i understand.

2:24 AM

Blogger Rich said...

I don't know that I'd rush into Sox fandom just now. They're pretty awful at the moment. Not that the Cubbies aren't awful pretty often, but I'm a Cubs fan by birth as much as choice.

2:37 AM


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