Monday, July 2

Bark, Hide, and Horn - "This Abdomen has Flown"

I've been meaning to write about these guys for ages, so it's about time I got to it. Bark, Hide, and Horn is a Portland-based fock-rock quartet, and they bring the zoological ruckus.

While their adventurous, acoustic and brass aesthetic is cool enough in its own right I can't help but adore the subject matter of their songs. They focus on the wonders of the natural world, particularly those aspects of it that were covered in National Geographic magazine from 1957-1967. Did everybody else's parents have a stash of those too? I can just imagine them thumbing through those issues digging for material.

Bark, Hide, and Horn - This Abdomen has Flown

There's also a lengthy interview with these innovative lads on the website of the Portland Mercury, along with a podcast of a live in-studio performance. See their Myspace for more songs and info.


Anonymous Matthew said...

I think you said this a while back, but what the hell are they smoking up in Portland? One great band after another seems to be coming from there.

12:32 PM


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