Sunday, July 1

Checking in with Umbrella Tree

Nashville art-rock/pop outfit Umbrella Tree released a fine record, What Kind of Books do You Read?, in mid-2006 and have been readying their follow-up. It will be titled The Church & The Hospital. The band tells me that it is tracked and nearly mixed, and they'll then settle on a label before unleashing it.

Those in the Nashville area will be interested to know that they will play a pair of special shows in mid-July. On July 19 they will play an acoustic arrangement of What Kind of Books... in its entirety, and then on July 21 they will play The Church & The Hospital from start to finish. The July 19 show will take place at the Family Wash in East Nashville, while the July 21 performance will be at The Basement. Pretty cool.

The band intends to play in the Atlanta area in the near future, and wouldn't mind booking suggestions (wink wink, nudge nudge).

From What Kind of Books Do You Read? (2006):

Umbrella Tree - Wisemen
Umbrella Tree - A Horse That Will Come When I Whistle

From The Church & The Hospital (forthcoming):

Umbrella Tree - Make Me a Priest

I'll be looking forward to this one, and hoping they find their way to Athens as well. For more information, check out their Myspace.


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