Thursday, August 2

Black Lips and Subsonics at Clermont Lounge, August 16

Amy M. mentioned this show in the comments below, but I figure it's worth a post of its own. I mean, the Black Lips and Subsonics playing at Atlanta's most famous seedy strip joint?

The show is brought to you by the folks from Rob's House Records, and I expect it will be nothing short of ridiculous.

Want audio? You got audio:

Black Lips - Oh Katrina
Black Lips - Not a Problem
Cole Alexander [of Black Lips] - Fullmoon
Subsonics - Pretty Broken Thing
Subsonics - Stars


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Blogger AmyMeacham said...

Me and the Steves will be the 1st ones in. They are excited wondering what Buffy will wear in a strip club. I just know I'm guaranteed to have a total blast!

12:44 PM


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