Sunday, July 29


Ladies and gentlemen, the bootleg Comic-Con footage that every geek on the planet was most anticipating.... Our first peek at Iron Man, coming in 2008 (cubicle dwellers, beware the quick and tiny glimpse of topless ladies):

If you're confused as to why he's dressed like the Tin Man at first, read up on the history of Iron Man's armor. There's also an extensive look at the character on Wikipedia.

And a little bonus from Bonnaroo...

Xavier Rudd - Iron Man (jam)

Thanks to Superhero Hype! for the heads-up.


Blogger Paul said...

I love that ricochet shot back into the guy's head.

I pretty much had my eyes glued to all of the comic-con coverage over the weekend. I'm officially excited about the new Indiana Jones now. The Iron Man footage was definitely the highlight of the show i'm sure.

It's interesting to see how Marvel treats their franchises now that they're independently financed now. Would be awesome to see an Avengers film and other film crossovers.

11:16 PM

Blogger Rich said...

There's supposedly an Avengers film in the works, although I'm not sure if that'd be before or after a solo Captain America film. Don't see how they'd involve Iron Man either. I guess they'd just have to pick a different lineup with some more obscure characters.

I think half of the Marvel Universe have already been members anyway.

11:33 PM


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