Saturday, October 27

Jay Jay Pistolet

After hearing a few songs, I'm very interested in learning more about Jay Jay Pistolet. He's a rising star from London, whose first single is due soon on Chess Club. The 7" single of "We Are Free"/"Holly" will be released November 19. A similar artist that immediately comes to mind is Elvis Perkins -- he's a singer-songwriter with some soul and country flavor.

Jay Jay Pistolet - Holly

Don't have an .mp3 of the track yet, but "We Are Free" has the makings of a hit:

One to watch, for sure...


Blogger Lizzy said...

i got to see justin play last winter in london. he's great, and a nice guy too. i remember him being not much older than me. maybe just 20 or 21 still. very talented.

3:50 PM

Anonymous D.D. Banful said...

Glad to see that the word is spreading. We've got some extra tracks up on our site if you want to have a further listen.
Keep spreading the good words.

1:05 PM

Anonymous max said...

I'm also glad the word is getting out.

I really hope he becomes the next Fionn Regan or a cult hero, like Elliott Smith.

By the way the single is coming out on ChessClub Records, not Pure Groove.

4:23 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Good catch, you're right. I put the retailer. Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy.

Fixed now though.

4:25 PM


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