Friday, October 26

No postage required

If one thing is evident about the Golden Age Captain America, he wasn't shy about mixing it up:

Well, neither am I. As is customary at C&T, here is yet another mix of tracks rescued from my inbox and around the web. These were things I felt were worth sharing, but due to the finite nature of time I have not worked into posts of their town. Some goodies for the weekend...

Josh Ritter - The River [live; Bruce Springsteen cover]
Tiger! Tiger! - Black Daggers [Atlanta gal rockers]
Castanets - Sway [psych-folk]
Bear in Heaven - Bag of Bags [shimmering psych]
The Ginger Envelope - Dirty Penny [Athens emo-folk]
Saint Bernadette - I Own the City [sultry chanteuse]
Trost - Man on the Box [experimental electro-pop]
Sally Shapiro - He Keeps Me Alive [synth/dance-pop]
The Yarrows - May [alterna-folk]
The Pendletons - Not Gonna Stop [Athens rock]
Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden - Faster Than Cars [folk-pop]

As always, feel free to drop other recommendations in the comments.


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