Saturday, October 20

Welcoming autumn with Telenovela

While Athens pop band Telenovela's Saffron Songs was released back in the spring, I'm finding it a lovely record to usher in autumn. It's often sparse and wistful, with a number of songs about nature and transition. The minimalist compositions of many songs suit the season as well, a departure from the lushness of summer. Lovely stuff that brings to mind latter-day stalwarts like Nico, the Velvets, or Joni Mitchell mixed with a little Belle & Sebastian.

Telenovela - Breakfast with Birds
Telenovela - Calendar Burning

For more on Telenovela, see their Myspace.


Blogger robbie dee said...

yay for telenovela!

8:14 PM

Blogger c.alexander said...

oh shit, i mixed this record (and recorded about 1/3 of it). i was just randomly browsing your blog, that was such a pleasant surprise to see this in here

1:29 AM

Blogger Rich said...

Ha! That's great.

Happen to know if it's available through an online retailer? I couldn't find one to link to in the post.

1:32 AM

Blogger B.DavisCollins said...

I played drums on this record, glad to see that someone likes it. If anyone wants a copy they can probably get it straight from the band at

5:07 AM

Blogger c.alexander said...

i think the only place they're officially selling it is at wuxtry in athens. they may have it in other stores over there too. i'm gonna try and get on zach's case about promoting it more. it's too good to let it drift away

ps. hi ben

8:53 PM


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