Friday, November 2

Casanova, Matt Fraction, and John Darnielle

Remember the Mountain Goats-centric playlist from comics badass Matt Fraction that I posted this week? In introducing it, I asked the following:

"Might we see some Mountain Goats references in upcoming issues of Casanova?"

Well, he didn't let me down. I read both Casanova #9 and #10 this week, and each has a nod to good ol' John Darnielle. There's a little Robert Schneider love as well. Mountain Goats fans will recognize the reference in Zephyr Quinn's pseudonym right off....

Easter eggs are fun.

Mountain Goats - Alpha Omega [live 10-19-2004]
Mountain Goats - Alpha Sun Hat [live 12-2-2006]
Mountain Goats - Spilling Toward Alpha [live 10-13-2005]

Issues #1-7 of Matt Fraction's Casanova are available as a hardcover collection.


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