Tuesday, November 20

Feist in Music City tomorrow night, Nov. 21

Looks like I'll be taking a relatively unplanned trip to Nashville tomorrow to see Leslie Feist at the Historic Ryman Auditorium. Not too shabby.

Feist - 1 2 3 4 [live 4-15-2007]
Feist - Mushaboom [live 4-15-2007]

I plan to make my customary stop at Nashville's wonderful Grimey's, and I've already asked "Indie Pop Princess" Anna to recommend some local records to pick up. If you know some Nashville/Murfreesboro acts that deserve my attention, feel free to say so.


Anonymous luis said...

im a personal fan of murfreesboro's Ghostfinger, but they're a little better live than on record....

6:33 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Ya, I know all about Richie & co. I got 'These Colors Run' early last year, and later saw them at Star Bar. I probably will pick up their newer 7" with Grand Palace though.

6:36 PM


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