Saturday, November 17

The Next to Last Festival, December 8-9, Athens

Sick of all the good festivals being in the summer? Well, here's a little fall/winter treat. A few weeks from now the Next to Last Festival will be held right here in Athens, Georgia. On December 8-9 a couple dozen bands, performance artists, craft traders, speakers, and all-around cool stuff will take over a plot of land just outside the city.

My understanding is that the lineup is still evolving, but already includes a number of national and local artists including Daedelus, Liz Janes, Circulatory System, Diane Cluck, Chris Schlarb, Dark Meat, Spenking, Hope for Agoldensummer, Grampall Jookabox, Geoff Reacher, Long Legged Woman, The Hot New Mexicans, Daniel Clay, and Deaf Judges. Apparently there's another big headliner yet to be announced as well. Admission if $15 a day, and $20 for the weekend. Full details are on the website, which is now live.

Some samples from participating artists...

Daedelus - Bright Stars
Liz Janes - Wonderkiller
Circulatory System - Yesterday's World
Diane Cluck - Easy to be Around
Chris Schlarb - Section I
Dark Meat - Angel of Meth
Spenking - Al Jazeera
Hope for Agoldensummer - Malt Liquor
Grampall Jookabox - Ponta
Geoff Reacher - Snarling Wheels of Sin
Hot New Mexicans - A Year in Half Life

Looks like a lot of fun. You'll have to pardon me if I'm off grading final exams between sets...


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