Sunday, November 11

Perpetual Groove bring da ruckus

Somebody shops at Spencer's...

While the band's name alone ("Groove"? Eek!) is enough to make me run in the other direction, Athens jamband Perpetual Groove apparently had a ball at their Halloween show. It's a great tradition for bands to bust out the covers on October 31, and these guys did a fine job of it. A few cuts from the band, live at Atlanta's Variety Playhouse:

Perpetual Groove - Piggy [NIN]
Perpetual Groove - Express Yourself [NWA]
Perpetual Groove - America, F**k Yeah [Team America]
Perpetual Groove - Killing in the Name [RATM]

Seriously... how much fun is that? It's enough to make me miss high school, until I remember how effing lame it was. The full show is available at the Live Music Archive.


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