Sunday, December 9

Elevado - "Indigo Torch Serenade"

Among the Atlanta bands affiliated with the ISP Music collective, one I haven't given much attention is Elevado. Their This World is on Fire was released a few months back, and I've noticed that each time I reach for it I wind up wanting to listen to a single track repeatedly. That song is "Indigo Torch Serenade," a slightly creepy expression of adulation complete with death threats directed at whomever would keep the narrator from the object of his desire. I'm not sure whether it's sweet or grounds for a restraining order, but I like it.

Elevado - Indigo Torch Serenade

Elevado's music is available via several outlets, as they note on their Myspace. They also have T-shirts that appear to be modeled by the co-star of Lars and the Real Girl (excellent film, btw). That's pretty cool.


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Anonymous Valerie said...

Elevado was supposed to play a show up here (well, in NoVa) and had to cancel at the last minute. Kinda bummed about that, actually.

3:23 PM


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