Tuesday, February 12

Checking in with Cars Can Be Blue

Nate Mitchell and Becky Brooks of Cars Can Be Blue

I recently had a chance for a little Q&A with Nate Mitchell from naughty Athens twee duo Cars Can Be Blue, and took the opportunity to see what the band has in the works.

C&T: So, any recording going on?

CCBB: Yes, CCBB has three days booked at Andy Baker's Bakery studio here in Athens where we we will be attempting to record 21 new songs. We are happy to announce that recording engineering will be overseen by Joel Hatstat (Cinemechanica, Pegasuses XL), with production/mixing assistance by Jeff Walls (The Woggles, Hillbilly Frankenstein, Guadacanal Diary). Jeff Tobias (We Vs. the Shark, Pegasuses XL, Dark Meat, Mouser, etc. etc.) will be our "hired gun" bass player.

C&T: Any plans for a new album in the near future?

CCBB: We will record the new songs, send 'em off to the plant and our second album (titled "Doubly Unbeatable") out in May 2008 on the Happy Happy Birthday To Me label.

C&T: Upcoming performances/shows/tours?

CCBB: We're doing a special Valentine's show Feb. 14th @ the Caledonia Lounge here in Athens with Sex Robots (St. Louis band, featuring Mario fr. Bunnygrunt) and the hilarious Stubble on Stubble comedy show.

We have longer tour plans being firmed up with Keith John Adams and the Velcro Stars for later this spring.

C&T: Any other projects in the works?

CCBB: I [drummer Nate] personally have a lot going on, what with playing drums in CCBB, mutant garage punk duo Double Dynamite and gentle pop merchants Titans of Filth, as well as playing bass in a weird dance band called Everybody Everybody with Laura Swindall (drummer from the Athens band Christopher's Liver).

Becky has been getting into special effects makeup lately (I suggest people visit her personal Myspace profile for gruesome photos).

C&T: Anything else you'd like people to know about?

CCBB: Becky sews hats and other clothes and has an online shop on the Etsy site. Please buy some of her shit.

Thanks Nate! Some tracks from the band, all probably not safe for work:

Cars Can Be Blue - Do You Remember?
Cars Can Be Blue - I Used to Think
Cars Can Be Blue - Batman

For Cars Can Be Blue info and tour dates, hit up their Myspace. You can buy their first album, All the Stuff We Do, from Happy Happy Birthday To Me.


Blogger theleila said...

love etsy! can you/the band post a link to her store?

1:34 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Hey Leila -- I e-mailed them last night asking for the link. I'll post it when they send it. :)

2:37 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Here's Becky's Etsy shop!

12:01 AM

Blogger theleila said...

oh my goodness how cute! i'll be shopping there asap. thanks!

8:02 AM


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