Sunday, February 10

Sweden's The LK coming to U.S., Atlanta for spring tour

Oh, Sweden. Land of hockey and herring, IKEA and Ingrid Bergman, meatballs and military neutrality. All that, and Dolph Lundgren. Aside from those better known aspects of the Swedish kingdom, it continues to export top-notch pop music. Coming soon to American soil are Malmö's The LK.

While a number of Swedish pop acts have entered the American market in the past few years, The LK strikes me as unique them. They remain in the pop realm, but draw quite a bit on samples and electronic elements, resulting in some of the most hook-laden noise pop you'll ever hear. Atlanta locals note their venue has not been announced, but I'll update this post when I get word.

The LK - Private Life of a Cat
The LK - Tandem Bikes

Their Vs. the Snow is due March 4 on The Kora Records.

The American tour dates:

3/08 House of Sweden, Washington, DC
3/09 The Kennedy Center, Washington, DC (free show at 6pm)
3/10 (TBA), Atlanta, GA
3/11 Super Happy Fun Land, Houston, TX
3/14 Day Party, SXSW, Austin, TX
3/15 SXSW kora showcase, Habana Calle 6, Austin, TX
3/16 Good Records, Dallas, TX
3/18 Mad Art Gallery, St. Louis, MO
3/19 Darkroom, Chicago, IL
3/20 Scrummage University, Detroit, MI
3/21 U of Pitt, William Pitt Union's Assembly Room, Pittsburgh, PA
3/22 Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, OH
3/25 Club Midway, NY, NY

I have no idea what Super Happy Fun Land is, but I want one. I'd settle for a Happy Fun Ball.

For more on The LK, check out their Myspace.


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