Sunday, March 2

Jimmy Olsen and the Case of the Obvious Joke

As much as I enjoy poking fun at things in old comics, sometimes it's just not fair. Seriously, does this even need a punchline?


This glorious house ad featuring Jimmy Olsen and his ladyfriends from the Legion of Super-Heroes appears in
Justice League #21 (August 1963), reprinted in DC's The Greatest Team-Up Stories Ever Told.

Bonus mp3: Spin Doctors - Jimmy Olsen's Blues [6-27-1996]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the song is actually pocket full of kryptonite.. but ok.

3:02 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Same song, anon. It was called "Jimmy Olsen's Blues" on the album Pocket Full of Kryptonite.

3:06 PM

Anonymous The Mild Mannered Secretary said...

Jimmy Olsen has always been the preferred madness of the Superman line. I think people either adore discussing all his past, cracktastic storylines or they just try to ignore/repress/deny them.

I'm firmly in the denial camp.

12:02 PM


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