Wednesday, April 16

Amelia - "The Great Escape"

Photo by Brian Lee

Portland's Amelia release their A Long, Lovely List of Repairs on April 22, and have been kind enough to send along a sample track. It's the third release for the eclectic trio, and features the warm vocals of Teisha Helgerson alongside a variety of both traditional and obscure instruments. They'll probably appeal to fans of both Over the Rhine and Tin Cup Prophette, as they share with both a tendency to teeter on the edge of various genres.

Amelia - "The Great Escape"

A Long, Lovely List of Repairs is available from Adrenaline Music Group. You can hear more from Amelia on their Myspace.


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I just wanted to share my new blog with your readers. It’s called Mystic Chords Of Memory and I’m planning on posting a show or two every day. Hope you and your readers check it out.

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