Monday, April 14

New Wolf Parade - "Call It a Ritual"

It seems the music blogs are all gushing today over the new single from Wolf Parade, "Call It a Ritual." I won't outright dissent on this one, but I'm not sure I agree with the level of praise being handed out. I loved Apologies to the Queen Mary as much as anyone, but this track is so muddled and noisy at times I find it frustrating. I do like the heavy piano and melody, though it would be nice to read through the sometimes indecipherable lyrics.

Wolf Parade - Call It a Ritual
[at zShare]

I will say I've liked it more with multiple listens, so maybe it's a grower. "Call It a Ritual" will appear on Wolf Parade's forthcoming, but currently unnamed album. Sub Pop has more info.

Hat tip to Stereogum.


Blogger Paul and Karalee said...

I guess the piano just drew me in from the get-go, so I've been one of the gushers... :D

8:36 PM


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