Tuesday, April 15

AthFest 2008 initial lineup out

I just noticed this at Optical Atlas, but AthFest 2008 (June 18-22) has released its initial list of performers. All but one (Centro-Matic) call Athens home, and it's shaping up quite nicely:

A. Armada, Bloodkin, Centro-Matic, Cinemechanica, Contraband, Dark Meat, Dead Confederate, Don Chambers + GOAT, Dubconscious, Elf Power, Folklore, Modern Skirts, Pegasuses-XL, Twin Tigers, Velveteen Pink, Venice is Sinking, We Vs. The Shark

Note that Dark Meat, Dubconscious, and Modern Skirts will be headlining.

More bands will appear as the roster is expanded.

The release party for the AthFest 2008 compilation CD will be on May 2 at Tasty World (corner of Broad & Jackson downtown). Packway Handle Band, Titans of Filth, and Timber will perform at the event.

The tracklist:

01. Bicycles And Gravel - Curious Markings *
02. Madeline - Lit Elephants *
03. Five Eight - Ode To Massachusetts *
04. Kenosha Kid - White Carnations *
05. Ham1 - Clown-shoed Feet
06. Perpetual Groove - Save For One
07. William Tonks - Painter Paints*
08. Titans Of Filth - Our Impending Engagement *
09. Timber - Don’t Fail Me Now *
10. The Packway Handle Band - Gets Me Every Time
11. Hope For Agoldensummer - Crushy D. *
12. Dubconscious - Constantly Inspired
13. Long Legged Woman - Something Is Pressing Against It From The
Inside *
14. Captain #1 - Walk You Home *
15. Dead Confederate - Guns *
16. The Inflatable Orchestra - Phil’s Fro *
17. Caroline Monroe - Trailer Park Hall Of Fame *
18. Russian Spy Camera - This Town Has Placed A Curse On Me *
19. Lona - Let It Be *

* previously unreleased tracks

The AthFest 2008 CD is available for pre-order now from AthensMusic.Net and is due May 6.


Anonymous Brandon said...

Is it 2009 already? How was Athfest 2008? And who won the world series?!?

3:56 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Don't ask what I was thinking, because I have no idea.

Re: the World Series, I'm afraid to comment given my team's century of futility.

4:04 PM


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