Monday, April 14

Free show from The Preakness tonight at 97 Estoria, ATL

If you're in Atlanta tonight, note that C&T faves The Preakness are playing a free show at 97 Estoria in Cabbagetown. They're promising a new song, and as a bonus that place totally feels like a ski lodge from a Bond flick. Afterward Brandon and/or Tim will DJ into the wee hours.

The Preakness - I Thought I Was in Control

Don't forget their dandy 7" EP is still available from Eskimo Kiss Records.


Anonymous Cuthbert Wellington said...

The set by the Preakness last night was fun. Estoria is kinda a weird place to see a band and the muddy P.A. sounds like the old Dotties (now Lenny's), plus the drummer has to also act as the sound guy. But all this added to the charm of the show.
Preakness played some new songs and a cover of Bill Callahan's "A Hit". The crowd full of young kids friends seemed into it (when not glued to the text message screens of their phones). The guitarist seemed like he was gonna do the Chuck Berry duck walk at one point.

The singer guy from the Preakness spun some vinyl afterwards, I believe I heard a snippet from "Shout at the Devil" in his set. When I left at 1am the kids were still coming in the doors.

10:24 AM

Blogger Rich said...

Ha! That's great. I've never seen live music at Estoria so I wondered how the setup would be.

Brandon playing "Shout at the Devil"? I believe that.

10:44 AM

Anonymous brandon said...

I did indeed open the DJ set with "In the Beginning" - the introduction from SATD (which segued nicely into "Temptation Inside Your Heart" by VU). All in all super fun...

Thanks for the Kudos, are the man. (...and thanks for the Silent Kids love too)

It's a cool thing they've got going on at Estoria...PA is one notch above the practice space, but y'all should go check it out next time they have live music!

3:59 PM


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