Friday, April 18

My Unborn Children - Foolish

Regular C&T readers may already be familiar with quirky Athens popsters Ice Cream Socialists. A few months back their Talia Bromstad (accordion, vocals) released her first solo album, Foolish, under the name My Unborn Children.

Bromstad recorded Foolish largely on her own, and it's a major departure from the frenetic material of her other band. It's mostly a mid-tempo blend of folk and electronic music with an emphasis on keyboards, programmed beats, and pedal steel along with her signature accordion. Foolish is an interesting, heartfelt, and promising solo debut upon which I'm sure Bromstad will improve in the future.

My Unborn Children - Impossible Birds
My Unborn Children - Madness

You can order Foolish through their Myspace page.


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