Friday, April 25

Oh Darling

When your band shares its name with a memorable Beatles song, it's best if you have some serious pop chops. Fortunately, Portland's Oh Darling fits that description. They're more than a typical indie pop act, however -- Oh Darling also draw from indie rock and dance influences for an upbeat, sugar-sweet final product. The band's vocal duties fall to singer Jasmine, who is backed by guitar/keys/bass/drums. I'd express surprise at another fine band from Portland, but I think we're all over that by now.

Oh Darling - Shoulda Never
Oh Darling - Electrocute
Oh Darling - Waking Up on a Train

They are currently working on a summer album release, and have a number of west coast dates scheduled through mid-June. For more information, hit up their Myspace.


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