Sunday, April 27

The Simple Carnival

When Jeff Boller of Pittsburgh's The Simple Carnival wrote to tell me about his new video and EP, he mentioned that his music "could best be described as what might happen if Brian Wilson and Harry Nilsson collaborated on Sesame Street." This piqued my interest, and when I saw the EP was titled Me and My Arrow I saw he wasn't kidding. Jeff has been kind enough to send along both the video and a song to share with the C&T's nice readers (and the mean ones too).

The Simple Carnival - Caitlin's on the Beach [radio edit]

"Really, Really Weird" is squarely in the Wilson/Nilsson school of lush and melodic pop, and the animated video is a bittersweet little adventure with binge drinking and fish with hats. Not, unfortunately, at the same time.

You can order Me and My Arrow online for just $5. Hear more on his Myspace.


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