Thursday, May 22

Debut from Adron due on New Street Records, July 1

The torrent of top-notch debuts continues with the forthcoming by Brooklyn-via-Atlanta songstress Adron. I've known Adron's Adrienne McCann for some time, but only by happenstance learned of her musical acumen. I saw her open for The Selmanaires and Anna Kramer last May, and have been eagerly awaiting her recorded output since. Occasional updates from The Selmanaires' bassist Tommy Chung (who guests on the record) only left me more excited. Her self-titled debut is due July 1 from Atlanta's New Street Records, and I can't praise it enough.

The 20-year old Adron's debut reveals a wealth of talent and a proper digestion of her many influences. It's in the singer-songwriter tradition to be sure, but she draws heavily on Brazilian and psychedelic music as well. McCann's voice is lovely and engaging, whether on upbeat tracks or breathy songs like the darling "Walking Home." Her guitar skills are evident on several songs, foremost among them "Never Leave My Room Again," as is her unique ability to inject clicks and throat noises (for lack of a better term) into her songs. The only real criticism I can muster is that a couple songs could be a minute shorter -- hardly a damning comment. If this record gains the proper audience, I could easily see McCann earning a large fanbase. Highly recommended.

Adron - Airplanes
Adron - Stringsong

Adron plays tomorrow, May 23, at The Five Spot in Atlanta.


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I read about one of her songs in Spin magazine and listened to her album on iTunes. It's a solid album and I'm really surprised that I can't find much information about it on the net.

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