Sunday, May 4

Yoshimi, Wolverine, and Mike Maihack

While a number of publishers made bound books available for Free Comic Book Day, South Carolina-based Wide Awake Press went paperless. They're offering their Piltdown anthology as a free .pdf download featuring the work of 16 creators. Its title is derived from the famous Piltdown Man hoax, and each piece features dinosaurs, cavemen, and/or various prehistoric shenanigans. It's available now.

I really enjoyed the submission by Tampa's Mike Maihack and wandered over to his website. I'm glad I did, because he has some real gems to gawk at. The Flaming Lips and Wolverine? This dude is on my wavelength.

"Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots"

"Wolvie Tea Party"

Note the "X"-belt on Mr. Fuzzles. I hope he's not as dangerous as the last mutant teddy bear I featured on C&T.

You can see more of Maihack's illustration and original comics on his website, or stalk him on Myspace.


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That Yoshimi piece is fantastic.

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