Tuesday, May 13

Around the horn

From Triple-A Baseball Heroes #1 (2007)

Still excited about the Radiohead show at Lakewood? Dave's pics are online.

Captain America-related Easter eggs have been sighted both in Iron Man and in The Incredible Hulk.

Songs: Illinois notes that Athens-based indie pop label Asaurus Records is shutting down. Funny, as Mike from HHBTM and I were recently discussing their slower pace.

Virginia's Valiant Death Records has also thrown in the towel.

Southern Shelter has audio of Deerhunter's September 19, 2007, show from the 40 Watt.

Project Rooftop has announced the winners of their Iron Man design contest.

Nashville's De Novo Dahl covered the "Speed Racer" theme, and You Ain't No Picasso has the audio.

Be Your Own Pet, also from Nashville, have joined the WARPED tour and now have two upcoming Atlanta shows.

A drunken Darth Vader fan will not serve time for attacking elders of the Church of Jedi. The end is nigh.


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