Tuesday, June 24

Skittish - 'Tragedy of the Commons'

I have been enjoying the current album from Minneapolis folk/pop duo Skittish lately, so it would be criminal to keep it to myself. Tragedy of the Commons ventures into territory previously visited by bands like Jump, Little Children, Soul Coughing, and Augie March, but manages to remain cohesive despite its diversity. The band uses horns, piano, and electronic instruments to complement their sound, and male vocalist Jeff Noller seems to have an adept pop-rock touch. They do venture a bit too far into theatrics for my taste here and there ("Product of the Glove"), but that's hardly grounds for damnation.

Skittish - One for the Unloved
Skittish - The Girl Up the Hill

You can hear more on their Myspace and order Tragedy of the Commons from the band.


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