Monday, October 13

Michael Uslan, Batman producer and comics historian, speaking at UGA on October 21

Batman and Georgia comics fans take note -- on October 21, the University of Georgia in Athens will host comic book historian and movie guru Michael Uslan. He will be giving a talk titled "From Fan to Filmmaker: The Journey to Bring Batman to the Silver Screen" and will discuss his experience on the six Batman films since 1989. Uslan has received production credit on all six modern Batman films, and was largely responsible for bringing a "dark" version of Batman to theaters.

Along with his Batman film work, Uslan worked on various Swamp Thing projects in the 1980s, several animated series and films, and is currently associated with the ongoing projects The Spirit and Billy Batson and the Legend of Shazam. He is also credited with teaching the first accredited college course on comic books (at Indiana University), an accomplishment that garned him much attention in the early 1970s. Uslan has also written a number of comics over the years, primarily for DC, including House of Mystery, The Shadow, and the Elseworlds tale Batman: Detective No. 27.

Uslan's talk will be in the Tate Theater at UGA from 7:30-9:00 on October 21. Admission is free for UGA students and $5 for everyone else.


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