Monday, October 13

The Oracle of Bacon: McCain vs. Obama

Policy debates, character attacks, and economic plans aside, there's one aspect of this presidential election that has received far too little attention. Which of the candidates is, in fact, the fewest degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon? Let's check with The Oracle of Bacon for the verdict:

A respectable three degrees of separation for Senator Obama. He could certainly do worse, though it's a bit slight for a guy who can e-mail with Scarlett Johannson. What about the senior senator from Arizona?

Two degrees from Kevin Bacon -- McCain takes this one in a rout by virtue of his cameo in Wedding Crashers. You know what that means? John McCain is only three degrees of separation from giant man-eating sand worms! That's not going to play well in Nevada.

Now, back to work...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Bacon link, I went to try it out and I don't know why, but the first name to pop in my head was Adolf Hitler (don't know what that says about me). Thinking it was stupid, I almost didn't try it but as a lark I did and there you go, it works with almost anyone...

Adolf Hitler
was in
This Happy Breed (1944)
Laurence Olivier
was in
A Little Romance (1979)
Diane Lane (I)
was in
My Dog Skip (2000)
Kevin Bacon

3:44 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Holy crap. From the most evil man in the twentieth century to 'My Dog Skip' that quickly.

6:01 PM


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