Wednesday, October 15

New Howlies track - "Chimera"

Atlanta's Howlies will release their debut album, Trippin' with Howlies, in January. These guys have been on a major upswing in the last year, and will soon be in New York for the annual CMJ festivities. To celebrate their forthcoming release they have released a free single from the record. "Chimera" is a rock song with a garage/pop flavor, and has me more than ready for the full record.

Howlies - Chimera

The current EP from Howlies, Sea Level, is available now for just $3.

Howlies on tour:

10/22 New York, NY
10/23 New York, NY
10/28 New Haven, CT
10/29 Boston, MA
10/30 Baltimore, MD
10/31 Greenville, NC
11/01 Greenville, NC
11/02 Raleigh, NC
11/03 Chapel Hill, NC
11/04 Asheville, NC
11/05 Athens, GA
11/07 Atlanta, GA
11/08 Savannah, GA
11/09 Jacksonville, FL
11/10 Orlando, FL
11/11 Tampa, FL
11/12 St. Petersburg, FL
11/13 Gainesville, FL
11/14 Tallahassee, FL
11/15 Destin, FL
11/17 Pensacola, FL
11/18 New Orleans, LA
11/19 Birmingham, AL
11/20 Nashville, TN
11/21 Memphis, TN
11/22 Oxford, MS
11/25 Bloomington, IN
11/26 Terre Haute, IN
11/28 Chicago, IL
11/29 Ann Arbor, MI
12/01 Cleveland, OH
12/03 Columbus, OH
12/04 New York City, NY
12/17 Charlotte, NC
12/18 Athens, GA
12/19 Charleston, SC
12/31 Atlanta, GA

For more information and tour dates, visit their Myspace.


Blogger Have You Heard said...

Hey Rich,

Adam from HYH. Have you met those guys? They're super nice.

Came by Have You Heard a while ago and did an interesting version of Chimera and an interesting interview.

Anyways, we were thinking about starting a blog kickball league. HYH and Ohmpark vs. Pecanne Log and Cable & Tweed?

5:16 PM

Blogger Rich said...

I know Justin from Howlies, but not the other members. Thanks the trip on the link.

Hit me with details on the kickball thing. Remember I live in Athens, so I don't get to Atlanta all that often.

5:22 PM


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