Sunday, May 6

Peel to hit the road, visit Smith's Olde Bar 6/12

Although it's not yet listed on the band's Myspace, the website of Smith's Olde Bar says that Austin-based Peel will be in Atlanta on Tuesday, June 12. These guys have been the subject of considerable buzz lately, and I've been rather enjoying their current album. Their music is conducive to dancing and singing along, and I'm pleased as punch that they're going to be in the neighborhood. And the show's only $5 -- woohoo!

Peel - Oxford
Peel - In the City
Peel - Workers Wake Up

You can stream the entire record online or buy it from the band.

Peel tour dates, for those outside the Atlanta area:

5/11 Emo's Lounge, Austin, TX
5/15 Mohawk, Austin, TX
6/2 Emo's Outside, Austin, TX (w/ Octopus Project)
6/8 Hailey's, Denton, TX
6/9 Jackrabbit Lounge, Shreveport, LA
6/10 Cell Block, Mobile, AL
6/11 The Nick, Birmingham, AL
6/13 Bella Festa, Wilmington, NC
6/14 The Black and The Red, Washington, DC (w/ Page France)
6/15 The Battering Room, Brooklyn, NY
6/16 Piano's, NY, NY
6/17 Piano's, NY, NY
6/20 The Firehouse, North Manchester, IN
6/21 The Darkroom, Chicago, IL
7/20 The Parish, Austin, TX (w/ The Liars, White Ghost Shivers)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So it's grown on you?htt

12:22 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Yep, sure has. I credit the warmer weather. :)

2:37 PM


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