Sunday, April 29

The Pets - "Let's Go"

With the school year drawing to a close, I'm getting that itch for freedom and escape. It's clearly an urge understood by Oakland's The Pets, whose "Let's Go" I've been playing repeatedly the last few days. Hey, anything that makes writing exams and grading more enjoyable is a blessing. Ugh.

"Let's Go" has the sort of aesthetic you'd expect on the soundtrack to a Wes Anderson film -- big beats, driving guitar, and mod-style power pop. It's probably best heard loudly while playing your air instrument of choice, but that's purely optional. It's a juicy little nugget, if I do say so myself.

The Pets - Let's Go

You can buy a 7" of "Let's Go" from Douchemaster Records or through the band's Myspace.


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