Monday, April 30

The Clutters - Don't Believe a Word

Nashville's The Clutters have been a C&T fave for quite a while, and they have a new album due on May 1. Titled Don't Believe a Word, it features more of the kickass garage/punk they're known for in their home region. I've been blasting it in the car for the last week, and I imagine it will become a summer staple.

Frontman Dough Lehmann's distinctive vocal tone and aggressive guitar are backed by Ali Tonn's Farfisa organ (uh... sweet) and a rhythm section comprised of bassist Jake Rosswog and drummer Steph Filippini. Don't Believe a Word is the sort of rock record that I wish were more prevalent in indie circles, akin to seminal acts like The Sonics, The Pixies, and The Stooges. It's odd how refreshing retro can be.

From Don't Believe a Word, due May 1 on Chicken Ranch Records:

The Clutters - 9999 (Ways to Hate Us)
The Clutters - Temperature

From prior releases:

The Clutters - Oh!
The Clutters - Are You Ready for the Country? [Neil Young cover]

Word is they'll be at Atlanta's Star Bar on May 19 with The Booze. Niiiiice.

A little Clutters trivia -- the band is named for the family from Truman Capote's In Cold Blood. Now you know, and knowing is.... you know the rest.


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