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The Brilliant Inventions

Here in Decatur we're blessed with one of the nation's best venues for performing singer-songwriters, Eddie's Attic. The place has been a Decatur mainstay since 1992 and has served as the launching pad for such artists as John Mayer, Shawn Mullins, and Sugarland. In my mind, it is without a doubt the best-sounding and most respectful room in Atlanta to watch live music. So what, you ask? Well, this Thursday night, March 9 ($8, 7:30pm), Eddie's is featuring one of its most prominent local artists -- The Brilliant Inventions.

The Brilliant Inventions are Eliot Bronson and Josh Lamkin, two singer-songwriters who joined forces a couple years ago after relocating to Decatur/Atlanta. I first saw them at Javamonkey in May 2004, and they've since grown into regularly selling out their local shows and opening for artists like Jump Little Children, Martin Sexton, David Mead, and Howie Day. They were also named "Best Local New Music Act" in 2005 by readers of Creative Loafing. They usually perform as an acoustic duo, although they sometimes include other musicians in their shenanigans. Their sets include songs both sentimental and silly, with plenty of banter in between. They sing about bad relationships as well as going commando and longing to be lesbians. You get the idea. Below is a sampling of their wares, including both the sweet and the ridiculous.

From Standing Room (2005):
The Brilliant Inventions - Dream About Your Girlfriend (via Rapidshare)
The Brilliant Inventions - Narcoleptic Nymphomaniac (via Rapidshare)

Courtesy of tbi.com:
The Brilliant Inventions - In Dreams (live at Eddie's Attic, Feb. 2004)
The Brilliant Inventions - You Don't Even Know (live at Eddie's Attic, Feb. 2004)
The Brilliant Inventions - Naked (live at Eddie's Attic, Feb. 2004)

Buy Standing Room from CD Baby.
The Brilliant Inventions homepage.
Hear more songs and be their friend on MySpace.


Anonymous FTP said...

Eddie's Attic is not the best-sounding and most respectful room in Atlanta to watch live music. Yech to those who think so.

However, I will give you this: it IS the most overcrowded, uncomfortable and audio-challenged venue in Atlanta. I dare say folks should run to the next Eddie's show if they like paying good money to watch a band, in somber and statue-like silence, rather than "feel" the music. Let's all pretend we are in library for god's sake while we're there. Eddie's Attic is a veritable wannabe recording studio. The staff disdains any noise from the audience! Thou shalt forbidden to clap using more than two fingers,and constrained to show appreciation by using maybe one of those handkerchief waving nods.

You suppose it's because they don't even bother to turn the music up loud or balanced enough for anyone to actually hear the tunes correctly?

They are also a judgmental bunch, those Eddie's folks. Music lovers are not welcome. And especially not music lovers who smoke, with their addictions, and all, even if they wouldn't dare to consider smoking inside, the smokers and nonsmokers alike are forced to hear the Eddie's Attach invariable Addictions Sermon.

Eddie's Attic. Like they actually deserve to be considered Atlanta's symphony house of pop and bluegrass music. Bleh.

10:05 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Huh. I guess we disagree. I don't mind that it's non-smoking (I don't smoke and never really thought about it) and I've always liked the sound in the room. I've never felt Shalom did a poor job. The room's so small I've never felt they needed to pump up the volume. And overcrowded? It's a small room, but it's not often that crowded. I've been to shows there with 1/3 capacity. But I certainly agree that when it's sold out (or near it) it can be uncomfortable. In my experience, I'd say Eddie's and Earthlink Live have probably had the most consistent (and good) sound in town.

I like that people will sit quietly through acoustic shows at Eddie's rather than chat throughout them. Seems to be rare in Atlanta. That doesn't mean they don't applaud enthusiastically between songs. You say music lovers aren't welcome at Eddie's, but I've always thought the crowd was attentive at Eddie's because they *are* music lovers. No? And I am totally generalizing here, as the vibe in the room and the crowd's energy is obviously dependent on who's playing at the time.

I don't really feel the need to defend Eddie's, just sayin' that I've always found they do a good job there. I guess you don't feel the same way. So what venue(s) in town is better for this stuff?

10:47 PM


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