Wednesday, May 24

Harry Nilsson - "Jump Into the Fire"

It occurred to me a moment ago that many readers may not be familiar with the Nilsson song that Fruit Bats are jamming on in the opening track below. Here it is for your enjoyment:

Harry Nilsson - Jump into the Fire (single version)

The song was a hit for Nilsson in 1971, and appears on the same album as his famous "Coconut" song. You may also recognize it from a scene in Goodfellas. Ring a bell?

For more on Harry Nilsson, see Wikipedia. Buy Nilsson stuff from Amazon.


Blogger walkathon said...

purely FYI: LCD Soundsystem was playing this on tour last year as well.

11:45 AM

Blogger Rich said...

Ah, nifty. Anybody have an mp3?

12:11 PM


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