Monday, May 8

Radiohead - "Just" demo

Just a quick post, as I'm very busy today. I've seen tales of woe all over the blogs regarding attempts to buy Radiohead tickets over the weekend. I didn't try myself, as I already have a ticket to their only show within a reasonable distance (Bonnaroo). Hope some of you got through. It seems the live versions of a few new songs are circulating widely, so I thought I'd throw up a neat little demo of an older Radiohead song. This is an acoustic stab at one of my favorite Radiohead songs, "Just" from The Bends.

Radiohead - Just [acoustic demo, 1995]

Buy The Bends here for the "real" version.

If that's just not enough, here's a cover of "Just" by Tinkers Punishment (now known as The Films) that I taped back in April 2003 at Vinyl.

Tinkers Punishment - Just [Radiohead cover; live 4-26-2003]

I still remember how the room erupted when they started this track as the encore. Whew!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sweet Richard, sweet!

6:46 PM

Blogger Rich said...

Ah, it's MEBF! Drop me a note sometime, yo. I can't bug you via your blog anymore. :(

9:12 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

An entire entry about one of my current favorite songs. I know it maybe sacrilege, but I actually prefer the version featuring Alex Greenwald to the original. I look forward to hearing what Tinkers did with it.
- g

1:14 AM


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