Thursday, May 4

The Shut-Ups

This Saturday night (May 6) at Atlanta's Star Bar, The Shut-Ups will be celebrating the release of their new release The Stud Album. Although they're from Atlanta I've never seen them live. Looks like I'll correct that oversight in the near future. The Shut-Ups play power pop/new wave music that would have found a home on the radio in the days when The Cars, Nick Lowe, Elvis Costello, and Gary Numan were FM mainstays. Note the synths, harmonies, and basslines in particular. Perhaps not the most unique sound in the history of pop music (what is at this point?), but certainly enjoyable. Check out these tracks from their prior release, It Hurts to be Seen:

The Shut-Ups - Don't Know Why
The Shut-Ups - Permission
The Shut-Ups - Too Late for Disco

You can buy their album, grab more tracks, or learn more at their official site. You can also be their friend on MySpace. Stream the entire album here.

On the bill with The Shut-Ups on Saturday are Silent Kids and What The?. For those of you in the Athens area, they're playing at Caledonia Lounge on May 12.


If you care about Atlanta music, go bookmark Drive a Faster Car. Tessa is the bee's knees.

The Torture Garden has some fun stuff available -- there's a grab bag of sorts available right now, as well as a great track from Danielson.

Daytrotter has a live-in-studio set from Hockey Night, as well as several other great indie acts.


Anonymous Daytrotter said...

Thanks for linking us.

1:57 PM

Blogger shane said...

I echo the above sentiments. Rock and roll.

12:13 PM


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