Wednesday, May 3

More on the "Average Homeboy"

So, by now I imagine most of you have seen the legendary "Average Homeboy" video. If not, here it is:

Thanks to DJDood's comment at Marathon Packs, you can also download an mp3 of "Average Homeboy" for your ipod. This is prime workout music, people.

D. Blaze - Average Homeboy

What you may not know is that the gent featured in that video is one D. Blaze. His full name is Denny Blaze, and my curiosity coupled with some time on Google revealed a lot about everyone's favorite white middle-class rapper (sorry Iceman).

Apparently he's just going by Blaze now, and he's made a new track available. Oh, hell yes.

Blaze - I'm a Star

Yes you are, you big lug. For the big Blaze fans out there, you can also order an autographed pic of our hero for only $2 (postage paid). This is the perfect accessory for every hipster's den or office. He is also selling CD's via the catalog section of his website, including the "Average Homeboy" single ($5!). The site also features booking information, so everyone be sure to book Blaze to play your upcoming events. He's blazin'.

UPDATE: Brooklyn Ski Club has a recent live performance of "Average Homeboy"! Sounds like it was done over the phone or something, but includes the third verse. Woohoo!


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