Thursday, June 22

Corndogorama at The EARL this weekend

Atlanta locals, remember that Corndogorama at The EARL starts tonight and goes all weekend. I'll be down there taping off and on all weekend. Remember, it's only $5 per day on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Be sure to have a corndog while you're at it. They keep you regular and make you more attractive. Here's the live music schedule:

Thu - June 22, 2006 - 9:30pm
Corndogorama opening party: SOLD OUT
starring: Band of Horses:
with Mt. Egypt, he Can't See

Fri - June 23, 2006 - 6:00pm
Corndogorama 2006: The Decadathon
10 Years of Mud Sweat & Beers
12:45am: The Artist Formerly Known as League of Evil (performing Prince's "Purple Rain")
12:20-12:40 (side stage): Shock Cinema
11:45-12:15am: Snowden
11:00-11:30: I am the World Trade Center
10:15-10:45: The Close
9:50-10:10 (side stage): Morishi Dolls
9:15-9:45: Luigi
8:30-9:00: Psychic Hearts
7:45-8:15: The Orphins
7:20-7:40 (side stage): The Blue Hour
6:45-7:15 Cassavetes
6:00pm-6:30 Elevado

& in the parking lot:
8pm-9pm: John & the Dirgas
9pm-10pm: Cadillac Jones

Sat - June 24, 2006 - 12:00pm
Corndogorama 2006: The Decadathon
10 Years of Mud Sweat & Beers

1:30am- The Dickens
12:30-1:15: Anna Kramer
12:05-12:25 (side stage): Thee Crucials
11:20-12:00am: Man Man
10:30-11:00: Deerhunter
10:05-10:25 (side stage): The Sweet Loves
9:30-10:00: Dropsonic
8:45-9:15: The Hiss
8:00-8:30: Day Mars Ray
7:35-7:55 (side stage): The Lovely Feathers
7:00-7:30: Tiger! Tiger!
6:15-6:45: Human Television
5:30-6:00: Casionova
5:00-5:30: break
4:35-4:55: (side stage): Hubcap City
4:00-4:30: Hot Young Priest
3:15-3:45: The Preakness
2:30-3:00: The Silent Kids
2:05-2:25 (side stage): Ghost Tour
1:30-2:00: Brain Box
12:45-1:15: Moresight
12:00pm-12:30: Jetty

And, on the outdoor stage:
8:30-9:30pm: Johnny Knox & Hi-Test
6:30-8: The Avett Brothers
5:00-6:00: Corndog Eating Contests
4:00-4:45: Tim Easton
3:00-3:30: National Grain
2:00pm-2:30: Blake Rainey & his Demons

Sun - June 25, 2006 - 1:00pm
Corndog Super Dunch
6pm-6:45pm: Dave Cross & Oscar Rhea
5-5:45: Bouldercrest Singing Group
4-4:45: The Slackey Family
3-3:45: Day Mars Ray
2-2:45:Brodie Stove
1-1:45: Anctic Clay:
12pm-12:45: Deering & Down

Sun - June 25, 2006 - 4:00pm
Corndogorama 2006: The Decadathon
10 Years of Mud Sweat & Beers
10:45: All Night Drug Prowling Wolves
10:20-10:40 (side stage): Lay Down Mains
9:45-10:15: The Carbonas
9:00-9:30: Gentleman Jesse & His Men
8:35-8:55 (side stage): Brass Castle
8-8:30: The Liverhearts
7:15-7:45: Untied States
6:30-7: Heir Apparent
6:05-6:25 (side stage): The Protectors Of
5:30-6:00: Lust
4:45-5:15: The Jupiter Watts
4-4:30: Hell Mach 4


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you were going! I'll be there all weekend. I actually won tix for tonight and Leanna is my plus one..Pace yourself, (but Bonnaroo got you in shape, I'm sure!)

6:17 PM

Blogger Au$10 said...

You gonna be around for Man Man/Anna Kramer tomorrow? If so, look for me. Rock!

2:24 AM

Blogger Rich said...

You bet I am. Just got home from tonight's activities and a visit to Decatur Social Club. Ready to do it all over again tomorrow after a good night's sleep. See ya there.

2:37 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Purple Rain tribute was amazing! Whoever that band was, they were just great! Danced my dress nearly off!
Amy M

4:02 AM

Blogger Rich said...

It was League of Evil, right?

Their MySpace is here.

8:06 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think so; I thought I'd seen them before but me and Steve didn't recognize anyone in the band...

2:28 PM

Blogger Tessa said...

"The Artist Formely Known As League Of Evil" was their alias of the evening. ;)

10:41 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude you missed the show of the year! The All Night Drug Prowling Wolves which were the last Cornog band, totally blew what was left of my mind. At the end everyone got up on stage for "Teenage Kicks" and it was one of the funniest moments of my life!

12:30 AM


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