Monday, July 17

Kite Flying Society 7-7-2006 @ AmplifySD

By now you've probably heard that the new Kite Flying Society album is finally available for pre-sale. As I've said here before, I'm rather excited for this release. To support it, Kite Flying Society will be going on their first extended tour up and down the west coast. I haven't heard a note of live KFS yet (San Diego tapers, are you out there?) but was pleased to be able to hear Dustin and Kelly from the band do a live interview and a play a couple of songs for Sign on San Diego's AmplifySD broadcast last week.

I ripped this from the July 12 broadcast, but I'm told the interview and performance actually took place on July 7. Along with the first interview with the band members that I've heard, you can also check out live acoustic versions of "Groundflower" and "Tiger Stripes" and sample a couple songs from the album. It's my first time hearing "Tiger Stripes" in any form and it has me even more excited about Where is the Glow?. Here is the full set either track-by-track or packaged in a .zip file:

Kite Flying Society
AmplifySD session
July 7, 2006
San Diego, CA

Interview with Maya Kroth and acoustic performance
Dustin and Kelly only

Taping: Streaming audio > audio output > Nomad JB3 > 44.1 wav
Conversion: .wav > Cool Edit Pro 2.0 > CD Wave > mkwACT

1. interview
2. If I Could Split (full studio version)
3. interview
4. Tiger Stripes (live, acoustic)
5. interview
6. Groundflower (live, acoustic)
7. interview
8. Submarine Music (partial studio version)

Full set/interview: YouSendIt, 45mb (link good for a week).

For those of you lucky enough to be within range of their tour, here are the dates that have been announced so far:

7/23 FM 94.9, San Diego, CA
7/27 Lestat's, San Diego, CA (all ages CD release party)
7/28 The Whistlestop, San Diego, CA (CD release party)
8/8 Spaceland, Los Angeles, CA
8/10 Cafe Noir, Salem, OR
8/11 The Acme, Portland, OR
8/15 The Make-Out Room, San Francisco, CA
8/16 The Casbah, San Diego, CA
8/19 M Theory Music, San Diego, CA (in-store performance)

Now, go buy lots of copies of their album so they can do an east coast tour. I can dream, right?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like Tiger Stripes! Lots!

12:32 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hooray! thanks for this! i'm going to try and tape the LA show when they finally come here.


11:28 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any chance of getting this set reposted?

4:41 PM


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